93% of executives know that their industry will be disrupted in the next 5 years*.

Gerositus® helps you beat the odds

To face disruption, strategy needs to be context-centric.

Gerositus® is based on a model called « Integrated Alertness Leadership », and integrates in one single platform, the optimal combination of scorecard, road mapping, risk & stakeholder management and team assessment.

* Source: Accenture 2018 report « Disruption is not to be feared. Why? »

Research Led

We have analyzed more than 100 change initiatives to identify the 5 elements which mastery significantly increases the chances of success

Data Driven

Our data show that a structured approach to implementation brings better results, and that alertness needs to be applied throughout the execution process, beyond traditional risk management

Results Oriented

The principles of Gerositus® have been successfully tested in major industry initiatives. Through its unique consolidation feature, it is able to manage both single strategic initiatives and a portfolio of projects supporting an overarching vision


This is all about what we want to resolve. Is it clear enough to be communicated as a sentence that everyone will remember?


How wise are my performance indicators? Are they sufficiently balanced to avoid the side-effects of financial centric only one’s?


What are the forces in presence, how do they influence my ability to deliver the goal?


Are my strategic choices still valid? Does my plan deliver on its promises? If I we keep missing our milestones, what is the source of the problem?


How ready is my team, will it resist to pressure?

Publications related to the methodologies used in Gerositus®

In a world where speed seems to be the new norm, where disruption may come from technology companies rather than traditional competitors, corporations need a new type of leaders. « The Disruption-Fit Leaders have very specific characteristics.

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Teams are the most prevalent structure in a company, they are everywhere: the board is a team, the executive committee, functional management teams, cross-functional teams, task forces, chapters, tribes and squads.
It is therefore critical for leaders to pay particular attention to them, here is how

Why should we care about strategy? Why bother working on sophisticated strategies when everything around us is changing all the time? Can we really lead or bottom-up is the new rule?

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“Gerositus® is the business canvas of strategy execution, an intuitive and visual solution that revolutionizes the way we approach implementation”
Business consultant, CEO and Director of Business Development

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